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As a one-stop business platform serving the printing and packaging industry, Printing South China, Sino-Label, Sino-Pack and PACKINNO will provide “supply-demand docking" services, helping buyers and exhibitors to find their potential business partners. Please fill in below information, suitable suppliers will see your needs instantly and contact our professional matching team to follow up with you.

A. Sourcing Requirements & Budget
* Please select the equipment/ materials that you are interested to source (Select at most 5 items)
  1.First Packaging Machines
Sealing Machines
Bag Packing Machines
Vacuum Packaging Machines
Aseptic Packaging Machines
Filling Machines
Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machines
Metering Filling Machines
Skin Packaging Machines
Counting Machines
  2.Outer Packaging Machines
Strapping Machines
Shrink Wrapping Machines
Automatic Box Filling Machines
Cartoning Sealing Machines
Labeling Machines
Spiral Wrapping Machines
Pillow Packaging Machines
Vertical Packaging Machines
Boxing Machines
Wrapping Machines
  3.Automated Smart Packaging Total Solution
Packaging Industrial Robots
Sorting Machines
Containing Machines
Stacking Machines
Demolition Machines
Automated Packaging Production Line
Integrated Packaging Production Line
  4.Plastics Packaging Machines
Blow Molding Machines
Blowing Machines
Injection Molding Machines
  5.Production Machine of Containers
Cover Machines
Bottle Making Machines
Cup Machines
Blowing Machines
Bag & Sack Making Machines
Canning Machines
  6.Coding & Marking
Inkjet Machines
Laser Making Machines
Thermal Transfer Over Printers
Bar Coding Printers
Marking Systems
Software Platform
  7.Smart Logistics Equipment and Systems
Intelligent Logistics Equipment&System
Transportation Equipment
  8.Measurement and Testing Machines
Weighing Equipment
Testing Equipment
Residual Oxygen Tester
  9.Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging
Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging
Others (Please specify):
* Proposed budget for procurement (in US$)
* Would you like to have online business matching?
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B. Basic Information
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* Last Name:
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