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PACKINNO2024 Leading the Innovative Packaging Materials Trend
Publish Date: 2023/06/15
PACKINNO2024 Leading the Innovative Packaging Materials Trend

China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products as known as PACKINNO2024 will be held from March 4th to 6th, 2024 at Hall B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China.

Explore new packaging horizons in PACKINNO2024
With the theme of "Different Types of Packaging Materials" PACKINNO2024 will continue to upgrade and expand the range of packaging product suppliers. The exhibition will showcase five major material packaging products: Plastic Packaging, Paper Packaging, Green Packaging, Metal Packaging, and Glass Packaging. Prominent leaders from the industry will gather to demonstrate breakthroughs in packaging innovation technology, extraordinary creative designs, and practical application of packaging concepts.

More highlights in PACKINNO2024:

"Plastic Packaging Zone": New materials x technologies x processes. Shape the future of packaging with plastic
With increasingly stringent environmental standards, the transformation to eco-friendly packaging materials and production processes has become an important issue for the industry. Plastic packaging materials are now developing towards high barrier properties, multi-functionality, and environmental adaptability. Using new raw materials, processes, and equipment and expanding application areas are also new directions and growth.

The "Plastic Packaging Zone" focuses on "innovation, environmental protection, and recyclable degradation" and gathers well-known exhibitors in the industry to showcase new materials, technologies, and processes in plastic packaging.

Exhibits at "Plastic Packaging Zone" include:
Plastic packaging and accessories
Flexible packaging and high barrier films
Shrink films, stretch films, and wrapping films
Biodegradable/ recyclable/ regenerated materials

"Metal Packaging Zone" create a new peak of metal materials with the trend of environmental protection.
Metal packaging is strong, stable, durable, and convenience of use. Characterized of “green, low-carbon, recyclable" in circular economy, the industry is working fast in alignment with environmental sustainability requirements. PACKINNO2024 seizes the development trend in this golden period and showcases different metal packaging containers and metal bottle caps, with an aim to reframe metal packaging to the peak.

Exhibits at “Metal Packaging Zone” include:
Metal packaging containers: single-piece cans, two-piece cans, three-piece cans, food cans, beverage cans, aerosol cans, miscellaneous cans, chemical cans, metal drums, etc.
Metal bottle caps: pull-tab caps, tamper-evident caps, crown caps, twist-off caps, etc.

Seizing the golden period of pulp molding development, showcase the new power of green packaging.
The advocate of "protect the ecological environment" and roll-out of policy guidelines like "carbon neutrality," speed up the penetration of pulp molding and diversify its applications in people’s daily lives, compounded with intelligent equipment technology. Following rapidly growing pulp molding industry, PACKINNO2024 showcases various product packaging types in the "Pulp Molding Zone".

Exhibits at " Pulp Molding Zone" include:
Gift packaging: Gift boxes, mooncake boxes, tea and liquor cans, daily necessities packaging, etc.
Industrial packaging: 3C electronic boxes, precision instrument trays, buffering trays, etc.
Food and beverage packaging: Disposable food containers, cutlery, bowls, plates, cups, etc.
Fresh packaging: Egg trays, fruit trays, pallets, etc.
Pulp molding equipment: Production lines, molds, auxiliary machines, supporting devices, etc.

"Innovative Materials Zone": Innovation x Recyclability x Degradability. Leading the new trend in innovative packaging materials.
Consumers become more aware of sustainable materials and packaging. In response to this trend, the packaging industry is placing more emphasis on the use of renewable materials, degradable materials, and recyclable materials. PACKINNO2024 also focuses on innovation, recyclability, and degradability in a special "Innovative Packaging Materials Zone" featuring new materials, technologies, and trends in sustainable packaging.

Exhibits at "Innovative Packaging Materials Zone" include:
PLA / PBAT / corn starch
Biodegradable/ recyclable/ renewable
Shrink film, stretch film, cling film
Overall packaging solutions
Pigments, masterbatches, additives
Solvents, additives

The "Gift Box Special Zone" will showcase high-quality packaging solutions.
Daily rituals play a more important part in today’s economy. Consumers are willing to pay a few more dollars for better quality or sheer interests. This is giving rise to the market for premium gift boxes and packaging that create better and more appealing atmosphere. In PACKINNO2024, a new "Gift Box Special Zone" will be launched to showcase lightweight, personalized, and high-quality packaging for premium gift boxes.

In addition, the exhibition will focus on packaging materials' performance and innovation, presenting a brand new "Different Materials X Boutique Packaging Experience Zone" to showcase a variety of packaging materials. This zone will gather renowned designers, industry leaders, and authoritative figures who have successfully implemented highly recognized products and award-winning works in the market. It will help enterprises transition and upgrade towards the high-value, high-profit margin sector of premium packaging in the competitive printing and packaging industry.

A 4-in-1 Expo and an upgraded service, create a one-stop sourcing new experience.
PACKINNO2024 will be held concurrently with the "Sino-Pack2024”, “Printing South China2024” and “Sino-Label2024”. The collaboration will bring a new record-breaking scale, with a total exhibition area of 150,000 square meters. There are estimated to be over 2000 exhibitors and an expected attendance of over 120,000 visitors. The convergence of numerous industry-leading brands under the same roof also makes it the desirable occasion for industry souring, technical exchanges, engaging in business and trade communications.

The upcoming exhibition will continue to upgrade and improve existing services for exhibiting companies, including an online sourcing platform, overseas-targeted online business matching service, enhanced professional buyer invitations, customized promotion plans, on-site services, and more. Additionally, various thematic events and seminars will be served as a platform where exhibitors will be able to establish relationship with interested attendees.

The integration of online and offline platforms through new media will provide continuous year-round promotion to facilitate the businesses’ brand building.
With the rapid development of mobile internet, new media promotion has become a trend. PACKINNO2024 will strengthen its promotion by incorporating mainstream new media, self-media websites, magazines, and other traditional media. Enhanced coverage will bring more exposure for the exhibition and its products to a wider spectrum of audiences while supporting exhibitors’ brand development.

Furthermore, this year's exhibition will launch a "Packaging Recognition Room", an online-and-offline integrated platform, where professional experts will provide one-on-one consultations on challenges covering packaging, technology, and material applications. Users will be able to acquire packaging solutions and hasten production tasks in an more efficient manner.

PACKINNO in 2024 is ready to showcase new products and innovative technologies for customers and partners from around the globe.

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