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2022 Sino-Pack/PACKINNO 2022 successfully concluded with a great industry demand. See you again in 2023!
Publish Date: 2022/03/06
On March 6, 2022, the Sino-Pack 2022 & PACKINNO 2022 that lasted for three days exhibition has been successfully concluded in China Import and Export Fair Complex Guangzhou! This exhibition moved to Area B for the first time, providing more packaging, green, intelligent new technology solutions and more business opportunities for the industry.

The exhibition reached another record high, with wonderful concurrent events held
Highlight 1: Green Pack Area is bustling, with popular highly efficient packaging equipment displayed
After the epidemic, more and more manufacturers introduced environment-friendly intelligent packaging equipment. The new theme "Green Pack Area” this year exhibited a variety of new environmental protection materials, solutions and technologies, such as the full biodegradation technology of Star New, which achieves the seamless transformation from traditional kraft paper plastic bubble bags to fully degradable kraft paper bubble bags; Ranpack provided green, economical and intensive and more diversified packaging solutions; Weide displayed flexible plastic-less packing straps that reduce plastic use and carbon emissions and promote energy conservation and environmental protection; RPET materials of Xing Jin Ya, with innovative technology and high cost performance, can produce crystal transparent packaging materials, etc. Moreover, other exhibitors displayed environment-friendly production equipment, such as pulp molding equipment, bag making machine, paper bag machine, injection molding machine, film blowing machine and bottle blowing machine. The exhibition gathered star exhibitors of intelligent manufacturing from home and abroad, attracting many visitors.

Highlight 2: 600 plus suppliers are showcasing "intelligent, flexible, and personalized packaging", attracting wide attention
More than 600 well-known suppliers demonstrated the latest intelligent packaging systems, such as Smart Wasp's automatic packaging and winding all-in-one machine, focusing on intelligent packaging solutions; Triowin's chocolate robot box project integrates visual positioning and one-piece paper box forming technology, effectively realizing the purpose of high-speed picking and packing chocolate; Tom's intelligent spider hand bottle unscrambler, with flexible simulation arms, solves the feeding problem of special-shaped buckets. Other exhibitors also showcased their sealing, filling, vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging and casing, palletizing, labeling, sealing, intelligent labeling, anti-counterfeiting traceability packaging, logistics packaging equipment and innovative solutions, which can not only meet general intelligent automated production needs, but also meet the multiple SKU rapid delivery, personalized and small-batch production needs of buyers.

Highlight 3: The popular exhibition group appeared on Sino-Pack, attracting numerous visitors
During the exhibition, the exhibition group of China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association Intelligent Packaging Committee brought together enterprises including Shanghai FanMing, Jiangsu Zhongtai, Wenzhou Liteng, Shenzhen Xutian, Sanying, YA-VA, Foshan Brucepack, Shenzhen Ouluosheng, and Shanghai Chuangling and according to special process requirements, displayed a system covering product internal packaging, external packaging, product testing traceability, logistics sorting and warehousing transportation system, which realizes perfect automated production; Foshan Machinery and Equipment Base exhibition group together with Xinglian, Nanfang Nylon, Lisida, Hongrui displayed raw materials, finished products, profiles and parts, transmission and systems. The exhibition groups and those at home and abroad in exhibition areas communicated with each other warmly.

Industry representatives gathered together at multiple forums full of audience
This year, Sino-Pack & PACKINNO held a number of theme forums, where dozens of industry veterans gathered to discuss various viewpoints and there was a strong atmosphere of communication.

In the exhibition, the "packaging design" and "packaging marketing", which are concerned by all walks of life, are deeply welcomed by the visitors. The Global Trend Packaging Application Exhibition Area captured the new focus of packaging in the future. There are also several areas showing outstanding award-winning works, such as GBDO Design Award and Trust Packaging Design Award.

Sino-Pack & PACKINNO welcomed professional visitors
As an annual event in the packaging industry, Sino-Pack & PACKINNO invited a number of professional buyers and industry associations from different provinces and cities. There was a warm negotiation atmosphere, and buyers had a strong procurement demand.

Online exhibition at home and abroad to realize seller-buyer pairing and yield fruitful results

In this exhibition, the live streaming platform was available to connect many famous exhibitors and share efficient, practical technology, equipment and solutions with buyers. The online exhibition has been viewed by more than ten thousand people, and well received by audiences at home and abroad! The exhibition specially held a new activity named "Source @u wish", where exclusive staff led buyers to negotiate with exhibitors, so that buyers around the world can better understand the new trends in the Chinese market, which helps enterprises solve production problems.

The next Sino-Pack & PACKINNO will be held from March 2 to 4, 2023 in China Import and Export Fair Complex. Sino-Pack and PACKINNO, together with Printing South China and Sino-Label, covered the whole industry chain of printing, label, packaging and products. At that time, the exhibition will present more wonderful contents and create more business opportunities. See you again in 2023!

More highlights of the exhibition are coming soon.

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