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Bennco ( Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in fluid food and beverage processing technology and equipment, and is engaged in business involves various of areas, mainly milk, medicine, concentrated juice, tea drinks, etc. We have technical and business cooperation with the world's leading food machine manufacturers, develop and sale products which are both practicable internationally and applicable domestically. We have own experienced technicians and provide professional after-sales service. Pre - processing equipment and packaging equipment, such as Automatic Aseptic Filling, Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine, Ultra-clean BIB Filler, Separator, Low Temperature Concentrator, YSTRAL Powder Wetting and Dispersing Machine, YSTRAL Inline Dispersing Machine, UHT Sterilizer, Universal Cutter Qbo, Cooking-Stretching and Moulding Machine.
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双道杀菌,保证产品的无菌性; 先切袋,后灌装,保证袋口盖不变形; 方便调节各种规格包装,一机多用; 采用质量流量计,灌装精度高; 自动化程度高; 可灌装1-5L,5-25L无菌袋

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用于果蔬浆/浓缩液的杀菌并将其灌装在无菌袋内 杀菌-保温-冷却装置,可根据加工产品的种类,采用不同的工艺制造 两个半自动灌装头可按标准规格灌装3-200升的无菌袋。也可根据用户要求灌装至1000升

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食品工艺过程: 加热工艺(可加热到120℃) 烹饪工艺 剪切、搅拌、打浆、均质工艺 冷却工艺 巴氏杀菌工艺 浓缩、真空工艺 加工过程添加配料工艺 乳化工艺 精制细化工艺 果脯工艺 和面工艺

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