Scope of Exhibits

 Smart Packaging Total Solution
Automated Packaging Production Line | Integrated Packaging Production Line | Packaging Industrial Robots (Palletizers, Transporter, Sorting Machines, Containing Machines, Bulk Handling Equipment , Stacking Machines, Demolition Machines) | Other
 First Packaging Machines
Sealing Machines | Wrapping Machines | Vacuum Packaging Machines | Aseptic Packaging Machines | Forming, Filling & Sealing Machines | Filling Machines | Metering Filling Machines | Direct Packaging Machines| Homogenizer | Other
 Secondary Packaging Machines
Palletizers | Strapping Machines | Boxing Machines | Shrink Wrapping Machines | Automatic Box Filling Machines | Carton Sealing Machines | Labeling Machines | Container Machinery | Skin Packaging Machines | Spiral Wrapping Machines | Counting Machines | Other
 Coding &Marking
Inkjet Machines (Small Character Coders, Large Character Printers, Hi-Resolution Printers, TIJ Printers) | Laser Marking Machines | Thermal Transfer Over Printers | Bar Coding Printers | RFID |Marking Systems | Software Platform and Other
 Plastics Packaging Machines • Container Making Machines
Blow Molding Machines | Blowing Machines | IML | Injection Molding Machines | Cover Machines | Bottle Making Machines | Box & Broom Machines | Cup Making Machines | Bowl Making Machines | Canning Machines | Pulp Molding Machines | Other
 Smart Logistics Equipment and Systems
Logistics Solutions (Logistics Integrator, Supply Chain Service Provider) | Intelligent logistics Equipment & System (Transportation Equipment) |
E-commerce & Courier Industry | Other
 Rigid Packaging Equipment and Machineries
Film-making Equipment (Blow-molding Machines, Extrusion Equipment, Casting Equipment) | Laminating Equipment | Bag Making Equipment and Processing Equipment (Cladding Machines, Stamping Machines) and Other
 Measurement and Testing Machines
 Auxiliary Equipment of Packaging
Transducer, Reduction Drive, etc
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