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we supply package for confectionary, cosmetic, spirituous Beverages, coffee, tobacco, gift Items p . All processes are in house, Jingli is the largest and quickest growing tin packaging manufacturer in China.
Our advantage
1) More than 6000 existing molds made in our own tooling house;
2) More than 100,000 tons of raw materials in stock to ensure a stable price and timely lead time; 3) FUJI 453 printing lines from Japan operated in GMP workshop managed by experts from Japan and HK;
4) The most advanced RTO environmental recycle system, Ingrid solar power system, waste water treatment and LED lighting make the factory like a green garden;
5) We design high-speed automatic production and inspection lines to ensure quality and meet the required lead time, as well as providing a better price;
6)Set up R&D center in Switzerland managed by CTO from Germany with over 20 years of tin box 7)Rich experienced sales team provide a high-class service for variety of famous brands worldwide
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