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Bennco ( Tianjin) Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in fluid food and beverage processing technology and equipment, and is engaged in business involves various of areas, mainly milk, medicine, concentrated juice, tea drinks, etc. We have technical and business cooperation with the world's leading food machine manufacturers, develop and sale products which are both practicable internationally and applicable domestically. We have own experienced technicians and provide professional after-sales service.
Pre - processing equipment and packaging equipment, such as Automatic Aseptic Filling, Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine, Ultra-clean BIB Filler, Separator, Low Temperature Concentrator, YSTRAL Powder Wetting and Dispersing Machine, YSTRAL Inline Dispersing Machine, UHT Sterilizer, Universal Cutter Qbo, Cooking-Stretching and Moulding Machine.
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