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适用于颗粒物料,设备可以进行 拉膜、制袋、打码、定量称重计量、下料、封口、切袋的全自动化包装。配备多头组合秤,进行精确计量,准确率高,包装速度快,拥有科学化的算法。

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Foshan Zhongqi Packing Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of packing machine, engaged in research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Mr. Zhang, the founder of the company, has been engaged in the packaging machinery industry since 2006 as a mechanical engineer. He has been committed to the development, research and manufacture of packaging machines and has obtained more than 10 relevant patents in the field of packaging machines. Zhongqi Packing Machinery has an independent research and development department, with professional technicians, engineers, programming designers, proficient in Mitsubishi, Siemens programming system, to meet the requirements of different customers. We are specialized in granular packing machine, powder packing machine, and liquid packing machine. Widely used in the automatic packaging of food, medicine, toys, hardware, Chemical and other products.
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