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The TT-600 horizontal cartoner can reach speeds up to 500 CPM, and it is perfect for continuous motion packaging applications. It is available with automatic product transfer, servo-driven collating devices, extended article bucket conveyors, and product confines. Modular coupon placers, code engraver or printers are what make this packaging machine a good solution for labeling as well. Flexo-Tray® models coupled with Smart Loader, Smart Flighter, and Sequential Transfer product handling devices, offer unique benefits and system design flexibility.
The TT-400 is a continuous motion top load cartoner that can reach speeds of up to 750 CPM. It is available with MemoryTrack for computer scale interface, or with Patented UltraTrack high-speed volumetric cup filler that provides no-carton/no-product, no-product/no-carton functionality. The TT-400 cartoning machine is also suitable for lined cartons - a substitute for cumbersome and outdated bag-in-box formatting. TT-400 for lined cartons can prepare the liner, seal the bottom liner, fill the box, and seal the top liner. Besides that, it can reach a speed of 200+ cartons per minute.
Box-pouch is the newest trend in the market. It has many names: flat bottom pouch, the quad seal bottom pouch, blocks bottomed pouch, side gusset pouch The pouch is welded in four corners and it has a completely flat bottom so it can stand on its own. The ROO-200 Box-pouch fill & seal machine can pack almost anything into a box-pouch. With high efficiencies, a compact footprint, a wide range of bag sizes, decreased downtime, the ROO-200 will surely satisfy your box-pouch packaging needs!

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Dewell Machine Company is the distributor of Tishma Technologies in China. Dewell Machine Company is the distributor of Tishma Technologies in China. Tisham Technologies designs and manufactures high quality, high-efficiency packaging machinery, and packaging systems. Our products are used worldwide in most major industries including Food, Pharma, Confections, Cosmetic, Beverage, and many others. If you are a small manufacturer, you can increase your efficiency with our semi-automatic, manual load, stand-alone machines. For large worldwide companies, we offer high-speed, continuous motion, flexible, fully integrated turn-key packaging lines. We integrate quality craftsmanship, top-notch technology, and innovative, modular designs to accommodate todays flexible packaging machinery requirements.
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