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The system is applicable for quantitative weighing and packaging of snack food like candies, sunflower / melon seeds, fruit jelly, pistachios, peanuts, etc., as well as that of pet food and puffed food. It can also meet quantitative weighing and packaging demand for granular, flaky, stick-shaped, round or irregular-shaped products like hardware, plastics and rubber. 1. The entire system is coordinately controlled with auto-controlled product feeding. No bags, no filling and sealing. Sable operation for lower energy consumption. 2. Reasonable design of working platform to ensure the balance and safety without affecting weighing accuracy. 3. Simple and scientific design of the complete line with stable running and large weighing range and high weighing accuracy features. 4. Wide range of applications. Suitable for weighing, packaging and detecting of various kinds of products.
It is used for detecting metallic and non-metallic material and defects in food, chemical, pharmaceutical industry. such as glass. ceramics, stones, bones, hard rubber and plastic.
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该机全自动预制袋包装机,适合袋型规格多,包装容量大,产品批量小的用户, 可以满足常用的三边封,四边封袋外更能实现挂孔袋,自立袋,自立拉链袋, 异型袋等特种袋型的包装; 适合粉剂,颗粒,液体,膏体,固体物等各种物料 包装需要; 切换袋型简单,快捷。

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GUANGDONG TOUPACK (formerly called TO-U) INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of intelligent weighing, packaging and checking machines as well as automatic conveying equipment for use mainly in industrial and food processing.Being a high-tech and innovative company, TOUPACK has obtained more than 20 patents and they all have been applied to our equipment and system solutions.To better serve our customers, TO-U has set up its after-sales service center in California, USA, wholly-owned substitute Hefei TO-U Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. in East China and offices in Sichuan and Shanghai.Having a team of experienced and skilled engineers, who make up 63% of TO-Us total employees, including 3 senior engineers with more than 20 years industry experience, TO-Us specialty covers automation control, electronic communication, intelligent weighing and packaging machinery.
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