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The packaging speed is as high as 80-120 bags/min The front can choose different feeding systems according to production needs The conveyor belt can be easily connected to the existing production line Finger-push conveyor belt is mainly used for packaging and printing products, and it can be equipped with automatic paper feeding machine according to the needs of customers. The guide rail push rod conveyor belt is suitable for combined packaging and can be customized according to the product size and shape, with a wide range of applications. The user-friendly touch screen design makes the operation easier.
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刀架有升降功能,封口线可以调节到产品的中间,使包装更顺畅,包装效果更美观。 符合CE要求,有CE认证。刀架用实心铝材,更结实,三对电眼感应产品,适应范围更广,生产更流畅。严谨的设计、加工、装配,再配合质量稳定的品牌电器,适用于:日化产品行业、电子产品行业、食品行业、医疗行业、玩具行业、包装印刷行业

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Shenzhen ZhongFu Packaging technology Co., Ltd. Is located in Shenzhen city of Guangdong province, China. Since 2002 when it entered the packaging equipment industry, ZhongFu has become a professional packaging machine factory with research and development, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service. Our main products include automatic sealing machine (vertical L type sealing machine, scissors L type sealing machine, continue side sealing machine, barrel packaging machine), shrinking machine, labeling machine, spring packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, carton sealing machine, servo packaging machine, box sealing machine, conveying machine, packing production lines, shrink film and customized designing for non-standard automatic equipment. ZhongFu packaging enjoys high prestige after many years ' developing, improving, tracking, and producing of packaging equipment. With the demand of packaging market going up, our company.... will explore new types of equipments and auto
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