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This machine is mainly used to test the mechanical properties and related physical parameters status such as tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel and tear tests of various materials.Equipped with different fixture can be ues to torn, stripping, puncture, such as friction test. Its compact structure, easy operation and easy maintenance is the ideal mechanical test equipment for the colleges and universities,research institutes,quality inspection departments and related production units.
This machine is used to test the melt flow rate of various high polymers in the viscous flow state. It is suitable for polycarbonate, polyaryl phenanthrene, fluoroplastics with higher melting temperature, and also for polyethylene and polystyrene. Testing of plastics with lower melting temperatures such as ethylene and resin. It adopts high-performance, high-precision control instrument and PID control for constant temperature control. It has the characteristics of high sampling precision and fast control speed. It is widely used in plastic manufacturers, universities, research institutes and commodity inspection departments.
This machine is based on electronic balances to achieve fast and accurate moisture measurement to equip with high-precision sensors and high-efficiency secondary heat radiation devices . It is based on the principle of thermodynamics and obtains the percentage of moisture and other results by the ratio of mass to wet weight after drying of the material. Used in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, forestry, scientific research institutions. It can test the free water contained in samples such as tobacco, paper, food, tea, feed, grain, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, textile raw materials, etc.

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As a professional manufacturer of non-metal testing machines, GUANGZHOU XIANGLI INSTRUMENT CO.LTD is a high-tech company integrated by manufacturing, distribution and relative service as well. Machines are used for the test of the plastics, engineering plastics, rubber, plastic products and etc. We have full set lab testing equipment. Such as Tensile testing machine,Melt flow rate instrument, IZOD and CHARPY impact tester, HTD&Vicat softening point temperature instrument, Muffle furnace, moisture tester, density tester, , pipe testing machine, balance, sample maker, hardness tester, thickness tester, UV testing chamber, High and low temperature testing chamber, Temperature &Humidity testing chamber and etc.
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