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PLC自动圆盘式高周波熔接机,通常也称为高周波吸塑包装机, 自动圆盘式高周波塑料熔接机输出力大、性能可靠、本机采用损耗小的同轴振荡器,及特别设计的同调调谐器,故输出力强并能缩短熔接时间,自动工作台面提高生产量。
Chinese only
Chinese only
本机可将PVC、PE、PET、PETG、PP、PC、PS、 HIPS、APET等各类卷料或片材加热软化后经真空吸取,成型各种不同形状的泡罩。

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Dongguan Chenghao Machinery Co.,Ltd was estabished in 2000,Located in the factory of the world dongguan city,dongjiang river qishi town. The company has beed committed to high frequency plastic welding packaging machinery,ultrasonic plastic welding machinery,blister molding machinery and other general machinery research and development,manufacturing,sales and service,and in more than 10 years of technical experience on the integration of once again forward. The strength of the company,strong technical force,to provide customers with the most professional customized products and a full range of pre-sale and after-sales service. At present,our company is engaged in the research and development of high frequency machine, ultrasonic machine,blister molding and automation equipment,according to the national standard equipped with production,product quality,safety and environmental protection,exported to more than 70 countries and regions,Well received by customers all over the world. Our machine mainly includes: high frequency machine series, hot aie machine series, hot press machine series, blister sealing machine series, vacuum forming machine series and ultrasonic machine series! The company has 12 core departments such as administration,r&d,development,international business,domestic business,PMC deparmnet,molding department,welding machine ,assembly and debugging,quality assurance and after-sales service,Through the national high-tech enterprises,it has more than 10 patent certifications for the use of new and invention patents.Adopting international standard product identification certification, the full range of products have obtained EU CE certifcaiotn.
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