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1、1~4行喷印:19系列喷码机适用于现代化高生产率的流水线,可实现1~4行内容喷印   2、双计数器,从生产日期、保质期自动保存和变换,生产批号等数值区间变换与设定,重复喷印等等各类统计和计数功能;   3、采用高性能芯片处理器,喷印速度快,可达到每秒4米线速,可喷印13条信息/秒   

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TRANSIC is a professional printer manufacturer which leads the printer development in continuous computer-tracing printing technology. TRANSIC has more than 50 offices and service centers together to provide you with excellent Quick Response within 24 hours. Now we upgrade our after-sales service to 3-Year Easy Use and Dozens of our main parts can be replaced for free in 3-Year guarantee. We are outstanding for professional.
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