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AH3 Built-in controller SCARA robot with small size and high speed. AH3 is characterized by high speed, high precision and convenient installation. It is small in size and powerful in function to meet customers' more applications.
HS20 Not only large loading but wide working range . HS20 is the SCARA robot developed for large-scale workspace and heavy load application. With excellent structure and various software, it wins the favor of many customers.
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速分拣专家 Apollo机器是李群动化主研发的体机设计并联型(Delta)机器,卓越的机器硬件技术配合成熟的应系统软件,使Apollo 机器成为速分拣领域的解决案专家。 作空间,速稳定 体机设计,单独控制柜 防护等级达IP65

Company Profile

Founded in 2011, QKM (Quotient Kinematics Machine) is the leading start-up company in the industrial robot field in China. We aims to be the best industrial robotic company in the world withextraordinary robot products, cost-effective solutions and service. QKM provides lightweight and high-performance industrial robots and advanced software products to help our customers achieve precision, flexibility and productivity in their manufacturingprocesses. We has successfully launched Apollo series parallel robot, Athena and Hercules seriesSCARA robot, Helios series six-axis robot and a new generation of distributed drive intelligent robotcontroller. With a variety of advanced functional software, these products have been widely utilizedin the fields of rapid sorting, assembly, packaging in industries such as new energy, 3C electronics,cover glass, precision machinery, food, medical products, daily chemical products, etc. The firstQKM robot has been operated for more than 40, 000 hours.
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