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FASTJET A400 Series inkjet priters bring you easy and reliable coding and marking solution.It is an affordable printer that requires minimal attention by operator and mantenance staff. The self-cleaning printhead and ruby nozzle,simple interface,Micropump,accerate ink dispersion technology which provide more reliable,clearer and easier inkjet coding experience. Print up to 5 lines of text,barcodes,2D code and logo at speeds up to 300m/min.USB connector,allow the message transfer between printers. Optimized printhead heating thermostatic system,prinehead temperature can be kept as a very stable level,more flexible to exterme environment.
Fastjet激光打码系统支持更多产品和编码打印,从而具备更强的生产效率优势,数据处理速度更快,打印速度每秒达 2000 个字符(此速度基于 6 毫米打印头)。通用激光解决方案可选配 6 毫米和 10 毫米打印头,适用于多种标识和打码应用。激光打印头和控制器总重不到 25 千克。
Fastjet A400系列小字符喷码机为不同行业提供最清晰的喷码效果 多达16位的相位控制,墨点分裂位置准确,充电精确 专门提供为获得最佳喷印效果而研发的墨水系列 墨水的温度,黏度,压力实时检测,自动校正

Company Profile

Fastjet is a Germany invested group specialized in marking and coding. Founded in 2002, fastjet has been in this industry for nearly 20 years witnessing the development and surging of this industry. As a Germany invested company, we hold the motto ' Quality is the our life '. Engraving the motto into our daily production process, we strictly follow Germany manufacturing standards and flows. With our innovative designing team in Germany and Shanghai, fastjet CIJ which assembled in China combines the affordable ownership with superior performance and sound quality to bring the best cost-effect to our customers worldwide. Our yearly install base ranks top in many countries saying annually new installations hitting 7000 units. We have distributors in over 50 countries and regions. With the superb technical support and policies, fastjet has satiated customers in all rounds building a sound reputation in this industry.
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