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The weight of products shall be tested on the conveyor line, and the products that do not meet the weight requirements shall be removed. When the qualified product is labeled, the inkjet printer collects the weight test data and other printing requirements of the product, and directly prints on the label to label the corresponding product. There is no need for human intervention. It is convenient and fast, greatly saving cost and greatly improving work efficiency. Provide overall solution for labeling and inkjet printing.
The company focuses on the development and production of inkjet printer for more than ten years, providing customers with stable and reliable inkjet printer to meet the needs of different industries. Established a sound R & D and customer service system, to provide customers with the overall solution of logo. Ten years of sharpening a sword, to create a professional brand. Classic, stable and simple. Export quality, trustworthy. Mainly used in wire and cable, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, daily chemical and building materials industries.
The company provides inks, diluents, cleaning agents and maintenance services compatible with inkjet printers. The consumables provided are applicable to domino, IMAS, VDJ, Willi, Lingxin daga, Hitachi and other equipment. The company has a first-class professional and technical service team in the inkjet industry, a number of senior maintenance engineers, and rich on-site maintenance experience and application solutions. Engineers carry out 24-hour and 7-day equipment maintenance service, fast response, ensure the smooth production of customers.

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The company is a professional inkjet printer service enterprise integrating design, development, production and sales services. Provide inks, solvents and maintenance services for inkjet printer, inkjet printer all year round. Provide printing equipment and consumables trial proofing service, free trial, price concessions, quality assurance. To provide customers with the best service.
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