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Touch operation in English and Chinese on high resolution and large size of human-computer interface with control by PLC. With fault alarm display and help information, its intuitive and easy to use. Automatic detection and automatic adjustment of parameters of function labels realize intelligent control. Label sending system with high precision and small inertia servo motor, emery roller technology, no wear no deformation, good friction without slipping to ensure labeling accuracy. Multiple labeling parameter memory can quickly change the production. Could according to the customer need to connect the production line, or buy feeding equipment. Optional: inkjet printer / coder, complete synchronization code labeling. This machine is suitable for any cylinder labeling including food, cosmetics, electronics, daily necessities, medicine and other industries of circular bottle. Specifications: 1. Labeling speed: 0-40 meters / min, and could be adjusted. 2. Labeling accuracy:
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光纤激光打标机主要特点 此系列光纤激光打标机具有体积小、安装使用方便,光电转换效率高、光束质量好等优点。整机连续工作运行稳定。非常适合要求高精度的客户使用。 光纤激光打标机使用行业范围 1、可标刻多种非金属材料。 用于服装辅料、医药包装、酒类包装、建筑陶瓷、饮料包装、织物切割、橡胶制品、外壳铭牌、

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Guangzhou Hongyo Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a Production and sale of labeling machines,inkjet printers,laser priters and printing aids(conveyors,pagers and mobile devices)
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