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Newly launched Chi-Pal robot palletizer was developed based on the European industry-leading technology. Together with localized production in Foshan City, Guangdong Province in China, Chi-Pal is an ideal option for boxed product manufacturer seeking for reliable, cost-effective and efficient palletizing. Compact in size, Chi-Pal is versatile for middle or end-of-line application in production or packaging line, either single or multiple line combination. This mechatronic machine also comes with multiple optional components and professional palletizing software system, empowering the machine to implement a variety of palletizing functions based on production needs. Low in investment, Chi-Pal can also be put into operation right after on-site delivery, making short ROI available.
Stack-mate is a pioneering palletizing solution with a low investment threshold. Designed with a small footprint in mind, Stack-mate can be placed over the outfeed conveyor of your packing line, taking hardly more space than the pallet. Being not technically challenging, the Stack-mate palletizer will be the friend of any operator. Its easy product change-over also makes it suitable for running small batches. Simple in design, Stack-mate needs minimum special expertise for maintenance. Independent of the size of your company and the number of production shifts, this new palletizer will most likely show you a positive business case with an extremely fast return on investment. While making this automatic palletizing affordable in all circumstances, its safety and reliability are not compromised. Our smart way of palletizing translates into improved ergonomics and creates a safe and more attractive working environment.

Company Profile

In more than 30 years, Top Direction Group strives to provide turn-key solutions to our high-end equipment manufacturing customers. Our services include design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, drop-shipment and after-sales maintenance. We have more than 60000 SQM production floor for welding, precise machining, painting, assembly and whole-machine testing. Our full supply chain guarantees on-time delivery for projects involving mold-development, casting, surface treatment, electrical components, imported material, etc. Our business also extends to machine sales. We develop our own CNC machines and then cooperate with the industry-leading palletizer company CSi. Based on the European leading technology, Top Direction localizes the production of palletizer, aiming to provide affordable palletizer as well as quick on-site and after-sales services to local manufacturing companies, especially those who need automatic palletizing for boxed products.
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