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The fully automatic downward conveying wind belt window shrinking furnace produced by our company is a shrinking furnace developed by our company. The equipment has a larger standard size and more inclusive packaging products. The unique air duct design makes the shrinking effect better. At the same time, the better air control plate design can make the sealing line more straight and beautiful. The unique conveying control can be compatible with the shrinking PE products, with a large compatibility.
The vertical up and down L-type sealing machine produced by our company has the advantages of high efficiency, large adaptability, beautiful sealing line and good packaging effect. The machine is widely used in medical, electronic cigarettes, mobile phones, cosmetics and other industries with high packaging effect requirements.

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Our company is dedicated to the research and development and production of heat shrinkable sealing and cutting packaging machine. Mr. Wen Jinzhang, the founder, has more than ten years of experience in the field of heat shrinkable packaging and in the face of customers. The company has strong non-standard design ability and rich packaging experience for various shaped products. Solve the problem of customer packaging
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