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定位准,省时省力,适合瓶型广,节省空间 1.该机能完成瓶子自动定位、充填及计量等工作; 2. 适用于灌装粉末、小颗粒药品、奶粉、中药粉、调味品 粉粒状添加剂、葡萄糖、固体饮料、爽身粉、农药等; 3. 可与理瓶机、旋盖机、贴标机等组成整套灌装流水线。

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Guangzhou Marchi is a company specialized in the development and production of automatic Packaging equipment such as automatic packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, automatic weighing machine, secondary packaging machine, vacuum packing machine, testing machine, filling machine, automatic packaging machine and so on. The advanced design concept, professional technical team and excellent after-service is a big highlight of Marchi. Our automatic packaging equipment is widely used in plastic bag small packaging, large packaging, automatic assembly line, automatic packaging, automatic palletizing in granular, block, flaky, stripy in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, daily necessities, feed, vegetable and other industries.
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