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Detection of tiny metal and non-metal contaminant inside the product, completeness check, weight measurement, volume filling control, fat content analysis, residual bone and fishbone scanning. Help companies control product quality, improve product safety, and achieve high cost-effectiveness.
Reliably and stably detect all kinds of metal contaminant on the surface and embedded in the product, as well as the omission of metal parts. Effectively avoid the risk of metallic contamination, customer complaints and recalls.
Online weight compliance inspection, missing parts inspection, can be linked with front-end equipment to adjust its canning volume. Provide reliable weight measurement control, reduce resource waste, improve production efficiency, and effectively ensure substantial commercial returns.

Company Profile

Since 1985, RAYMAN has been committed to sustainable innovation and technological breakthroughs in the field of product detection, provide product detection and automatic weighing systems, comprehensive solutions and considerate service to solve complex problems and many challenges in the field of product inspection.
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