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Comprehensive Upgrade on Packaging Production
Full Showcase of Automated & Intelligent Applications
Publish Date: Aug-09 2017

Sino-Pack has stepped into its 25th anniversary. With 24 years of professional services and influences, the show is highly recognized by the industry players. It has also ranked among the China's largest international packaging exhibitions.

In recent years, many large-scale producers have begun to introduce the concept of "industry 4.0" in their supply chain, making full use of information technology, Internet, Internet of Things and mobile intelligence devices to establish smart factories. Coupled with the rapid progress of intelligent automation equipment technologies, the application of intelligent technology has grown promptly, especially in the field of packaging industry.

The 25th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack 2018) and the China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO 2018) have contributed the development of packaging industry for more than 20 years, witnessing the industry evolution from traditional production to intelligent production. During Sino-Pack 2017, many renowned exhibitors have released their new products and new technologies. All the intelligent equipment, including manipulators and robots showcased has opened up the industry to the new levels of customization, digitalization and intelligentization.

Grand Celebration on its 25th Anniversary, Full Upgrade of 4 Thematic Zones

Sino-Pack 2018 and PACKINNO 2018 will be held during 10 - 12 March 2018 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China. The show will demonstrate the intelligent applications in different sectors, to increase production efficiency and reduce production cost. In 2018, the show will be themed as “Smart Packaging, for Now and Future”. The world's leading exhibitors with the most advanced leading technology will be gathered at the show, so as to provide the most cutting-edge packaging production solutions for downstream industry manufacturers.

1. Smart Packaging

Smart intelligent is getting popular nowadays; the "Smart Packaging Zone" at Sino-Pack 2018 will continue to feature the latest intelligent packaging production line, integrated packaging production line, and packaging industrial robots, etc. Last year, The NACHI Fujikoshi Corp has brought its Compact and Super Fast Robot MZ04 at Sino-Pack 2017 and demonstrated splendid ice-cream production process to the food industry professionals. The robot is featured with the world's fastest motion performance which greatly improves the production efficiency. It brings in new interactive experience to visitors with the simple point-of-touch single system. Other renowned exhibitors include Stäubli, Robot Phoenix, etc.

Compact and Super Fast Robot MZ04 from The NACHI Fujikoshi Corp

2. Logistics Packaging
Facing the fierce competition, sluggish economy and rising production cost, enterprises are urged to change its direction to automation and green production. To address the market needs, Sino-Pack 2018 will set up a “Logistics Packaging Zone” to provide buyers with a comprehensive showcase of logistics packaging, including conveyor machines, stacking crane, three-dimensional rack, sorting machines, intelligent logistics packaging production solutions, tray, barcode information system, etc; exhibitors include Shimaici, Runtuo, Shenlan, etc. This year, Sino-Pack 2018 will cooperate with Guangdong Procurement and Supply Chain Association to set up a special display area for top-notch enterprises, such as SSI Schaefer, QCPAC, New Trend, Informrack, KSEC, Ganyu, CIMC, CNDSS, FHI, Damonroller to showcase their products.

3. General Packaging
The “General Packaging Zone” will also be fully expanded to keep up with the needs of every single industry. Exhibits include a series of secondary packaging machines, such as palletizers, strapping machines, boxing machines, ink-jet printing machines, shrink wrapping machines, automatic box filling machines, cartoning sealing machines, labeling machines, container machinery, skin packaging machines, spiral wrapping machines, counting machines, etc. Continuous support received from exhibitors at Sino-Pack 2018, including Nong Shim, Jinwang, Huituo, CN Tom, Chyan, Dingye, Elin, SWD, etc.

4. Food Packaging z
The “Food Packaging Zone” at Sino-Pack 2018 will introduce the latest sealing machines, wrapping machines, vacuum packaging machines, aseptic packaging machines, forming, filling & sealing machines, filling machines, metering filling machines, direct packaging machines and so forth. At the fair, Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. will exhibit a series of liquid products packaging machinery and intelligent packaging equipment including filling/sealing equipment, blow molding equipment, intelligent post-packaging equipment for dairy, solid food, pharmaceutical, electronic products packaging and other industries. Meanwhile, SUMPOT Food-Tech will also showcase its independently developed Steam Type Retort Sterilizer with high performance in safety and automation standard at Sino-Pack 2017. Assorting with its new plate type heat exchanger, it also achieves high sterilization effect. Sino-Pack 2018 is highly recognized by industry players and received substantial support from top-tier exhibitors including Yilong, HongChuan, Hondong, Xueba, Touweigh, etc.

Liquid products packaging machinery and intelligent packaging equipment from Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd.

Steam Type Retort Sterilizer from SUMPOT Food-Tech

Logistic and Innovative Packaging Materials in PACKINNO 2018

PACKINNO 2018 will display a full spectrum of packaging products and materials tailored for diversified downstream products, such as food, tobacco, wine & spirits, tea, cosmetics, health products, electronics & electrical appliances, gifts, luxury goods, as well as jewelry & watches. “Logistic Packaging Materials Zone” will display the most popular, innovative and functional packaging products such as cartons, stretch film, inflatable bags, etc. PACKINNO 2018 will also retain the traditional paper and plastic packaging products for food and cosmetic industries. In addition to conventional materials, the “Innovative Packing Materials Zone” will bring in the latest technologies and eco-friendly packaging materials such as master batch, ink, plastic packaging film, adhesive, etc.

With the promising result of previous editions, Sino-Pack / PACKINNO 2018 will once again gather the top-notch exhibitors from the whole production chain with the world-class packaging machinery, technologies, products and materials, to cope with the latest demand on packaging and offer extraordinary sourcing opportunities for worldwide visitors.

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