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30 Years ‘Foundation Creating the New Era of Packaging Industry. Sino-Pack 2024 Opens for Pre-registration
Publish Date: 2024-01-29
With thirty years ‘foundation, the 30th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (also known as “Sino-Pack”) has gradually become one of the most influential packaging industry events in South China and even within the scope, witnessing the industrial development of China and supporting the entire packaging industry to exert with its unique charm, strong influence. In 2024, Sino-Pack will continue to take the lead, bringing the industry to a new chapter with a versatile platform for communication, exhibiting and business trade.

1. 4-in1 Show in Historical Scale with Comprehensive Solutions of the Entire Production Chain
The 30th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack 2024)/ China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO2024) with be held in conjunction with the 30th South China International Exhibition on Printing Industry (Printing South China 2024)/ the China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology 2024 (Sino-Label 2024), in the same period and venue. With an estimated scale of 150,000 square meters, and 2,000+ well-known exhibitors, this 4-in-1 show brings together industry leading brands, themed packaging, products, printing, and labels across the entire industry chain to create a professional and efficient business exchange platform for high-profile companies seeking cost-effective and stable and reliable production solutions.

2. Insightful Industry Trends x Technological Advancement
【Food Packaging】【Pre-prepared Food Packaging】 Innovative, efficient and energy-saving food packaging technology, including flexible line change, flexible production and digital intelligent production solutions will be shown. Marchi will demonstrate the fully automatic vertical packaging machine linkage line on site, and Qingdao Yilong will also bring advanced bag packaging equipment and full-line automation solutions to meet the market demand for personalized customization. A series of exciting new products will provide manufacturing companies with digital and intelligent transformation solutions, effectively solving the difficulties and pain points in the food packaging process.

[Liquid Packaging + Aseptic Filling] Combined with the production needs of terminal enterprises, the entire filling production line from bottle making to filling, capping, labeling, boxing, sealing and packaging will be displayed. For example, Jiangsu Tom will bring a tracking-type filling and capping all-in-one machine which adopts an all-in-one design and can customize the tracking function; Zhejiang Rigao will also display a hose filling, sealing and cartoning production line, which can automatically supply tubes, identify labels, and fill. Installation, hot melting, sealing, coding, etc. This comprehensive showcase will lead the new trend of liquid packaging and provide enterprises with more efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

[Smart Packaging] [Smart Logistics] focuses on cutting-edge trends such as smart packaging factories, unmanned factories, and digital production. Industry leaders like Yongchuang will reveal collaborative robots to demonstrate unmanned packaging and smart systems on site; Bekannter will also demonstrate intelligent all-in-one packaging machine which provides high-speed and high-precision solutions. Big names in the industry jointly decipher how to improve production flexibility, productivity and equipment safety, paving the way towards "Industry 4.0".

[Product Identification Star Hall] Numerous one-object-one-code, accurate and high-definition, and widely used product identification solutions can be found at the fairground. Sunine 2nd generation handheld laser marking machine, Codprint Elf series cloud inkjet printer, and Mingyu carbon dioxide laser marking machine will all make their grand debut. By optimizing labeling solutions, companies can reduce waste, improve efficiency, and further optimize packaging operations.

3. Leading Industry with Innovations to Drive Sustainability
With the theme of "Innovation, Design, and Sustainability", PACKINNO2024 invites well-known exhibitors in the industry to showcase new packaging materials, new technologies, and new processes.

[Plastic x Biodegradable Packaging] The special area is committed to promoting the green revolution of plastic packaging with focus on new plastic packaging materials, technologies and processes, highlighting the development trend of "innovation, environmental protection, and degradable". New Hip Lik will display PVC, PET, RPET, PP plastic boxes, special effect printing, etc. on site, providing customers with many professional transparent packaging design solutions; Guangdong Xintianli brought flexible packaging film bags, with the concept of green environmental protection, sharing new materials, new packaging and new technology in one-stop packaging solutions.

[Pulp Molding] once again cooperates with "Packaging Zone" to present a new look at the entire "paper-plastic packaging" industry chain, from production equipment to finished products, fully demonstrating the sustainable development potential of paper-plastic packaging. KBD will bring paper pulp molding: Chengdu Universiade gift box while Yingtai will take pulp molding, degradable and environmentally friendly inner supports, etc. to the exhibtion to discuss how to help the new development of the paper and plastic industry.

[Boutique Gift Box Packaging] subdivides the application of different materials, focusing on displaying luxury, fashionable, personalized and high-quality boutique gift box packaging to meet consumers' pursuit of a better life. For example, Jingli’s exquisite multifunctional wine cans, with tinplate appearance and environmentally friendly cold-keeping inner walls, can also be used as ice wine barrels and candle holders, integrating environmental protection, practicality and creativity. All kinds of high-quality cartons, wooden boxes, plastic packaging boxes, environmentally friendly and degradable materials and products are gathered on site to provide professional packaging customization and overall solutions.

[Innovative Packaging Materials] The exhibition area specially gathers bio-based materials, recyclable degradable materials and safe functional materials in the field of sustainable packaging.
Coace Chemical will bring BP-2, a GMA functional polyester elastomer that is fully degradable by itself and can improve the compatibility of polyester degradable materials, thereby increasing the material’s elongation at break and tensile strength; San Feng Chemical ABE08, a monoclonal anti-adhesive masterbatch, suitable for CPE film and blown film production, can effectively solve film adhesion and can be in contact with food.

4. Support to the Rising Sophisticated Packaging SMEs
Sino-Pack/PACKINNO 2024 works with the Guangdong Packaging Technology Association to explore deeply distinctive SMEs in the packaging industry which will be invited to the exhibition for new product launch and sharing insights of their different packaging solutions. Brand owners and packaging manufacturers will learn to solve existing production difficulties, accelerate technological upgrade, lower cost and strengthen core competiveness.

Representative enterprises of new forces specializing in special packaging are: Xingle Huabao, Besure, Jingli, Cailong, Penno, Bosi Sci&Tech, Dinglisheng, Willing, DQ Pack, Green Packaging, Keding, Tongyuan, Geruiersi, Cproton, Fully, Zhejiang DY, Super Dry, KSL, Benow Telecom, Mould-Tip etc. (Exhibitors are listed in no particular order)

5. Backboned by South China to Facilitate Local and International Collaboration
Based in Guangzhou, Sino-Pack will continue to deeply explore the South China market, while actively expanding international cooperation by accurately inviting buyers from different fields at home and abroad, and covering the top ten popular sectors: food, beverages/dairy/alcohol, medicine/health products/health foods, daily chemicals, Home appliances/3C, express delivery/logistics, catering industry, e-commerce/fresh food delivery, and automobile industry, etc. So far, overseas visitors from Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regionshave reserved their time to visit the exhibition.

By integrating with international standards, Sino-Pack acts as a two-way communication and cooperation channel where Chinese and international companies get to respective markets easily, promoting the global development of the packaging industry.

The South China Packaging Exhibition will hold a series of colorful activities, including industry forums, special lectures, product launches, etc., to provide exhibitors and visitors with a more in-depth and professional communication opportunity. Industry experts are invited to conduct in-depth discussions on current issues like digital transformation of smart packaging, prepared food packaging, healthy food packaging, daily chemical/cosmetic packaging, creative packaging, the rise of sophisticated packaging SMEs etc., Future trends and development directions of the packaging industry will also be covered.

From March 4 to 6, 2024, in Area B of the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex, we look forward to the South China Packaging Exhibition joining hands with exhibitors and visitors to open a new chapter in the packaging industry and move towards a more prosperous and sustainable future.


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