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Looking Ahead to the Highlights of the 30th Anniversary of Sino-Pack/PACKINNO Creating New Opportunities for a Win-win Situation Between Supply & Demand
Publish Date: 2023-09-14
Sino-Pack 2024 & PACKINNO 2024 as known as Sino-Pack/ PACKINNO will be held from March 4th to 6th, 2024 at Hall B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China.

Rooting in South China

Giving impetus to high-quality development of the industry for thirty years

Just as an old saying goes "well begun is half done", the Sino-Pack/PACKINNO, held in Pazhou, Guangzhou every year in March, is a good opportunity for industry insiders to start the year's purchasing and grasp the industry trends. The exhibition takes "rooted in South China, industrial collaboration, pragmatic innovation" as its concept and keeps up with the new trend of high-quality industrial development.

In 2024, Sino-Pack/PACKINNO will enter its 30th years. As the region’s leading exhibition in the industry, Sino-Pack/PACKINNO has worked hand in hand with numerous seasoned packaging enterprises in the past decades, and witnessed a huge progress in industry development. Together with its long-established reputation and positive brand image, Sino-Pack/PACKINNO has marked a spectacular chapter in these years.

Industrial synergy

Historical high in scale of the four exhibitions to open up market opportunities across the entire industry chain

Cross-industry collaboration is the driving force for development. Sino-Pack/ PACKINNO is held together with the Printing South China/ Sino-Label with record high scale of 150,000 square meters as the expected total exhibition area. The estimated number of exhibitors and visitors are to be more than 2,000 and 120,000 respectively.

The 4-in-1 exhibition will gather leading brands in the industry, covering packaging equipment and solutions, packaging materials and products, label printing equipment and materials, packaging printing and post-press equipment. For enterprises to seek "cost-effective", "stable and reliable" production solutions and achieve "big transformation" with "small investment", it provides the first choice platform for professional and efficient business exchange in the industry.

Sector integration to build a high-quality "Supply and Demand Matching" platform
Sino-Pack/PACKINNO has always been famous for its rich cross-border data resources spanning across FCMG over food, beverages, and daily chemicals sectors. It also networks with brands and manufacturers of e-commerce, logistics, and electronics as well as color boxes and various packaging and printing fields like corrugated, flexible packaging, labels, and commercial.

Sino-Pack/PACKINNO has rolled out a [Supply and Demand Matching] platform to fully support companies to locate supplier that meets their corporate needs. Since the launch, the service has successfully matched and resolved more than hundreds of sourcing requests. The industry has already affirmed and widely referred among their peers and partners this "truly effective platform" which greatly reduces their procurement hassles while promoting high-quality development of the industry.

Pragmatic and innovative

Innovation empowers enterprises to transform and upgrade, initiating a high-quality development

Innovation is a key to development. Attributed to its perseverance for constant innovation, scientific research and development in the past 30 years, Sino-Pack/PACKINNO has continuously supported industry upgrade and transformation in a pragmatic approach with new products and innovative solutions.

[Food and Beverages] will explore the future food and beverage packaging trends, getting BEIJING RIFU, BEIJING Y.C.T.D, RETIAN PACKAGING, COLAMARK, SHANGHAI NANHUA, ALPHA-PACK, XIAMEN YUSHENG, SHANGHAI CHUANGLING, SUZHOU JWELL, GUANGDONG HUACHUAN, HUNSSEN, XIN PING XING, CAILONG, JIXIANG, UNI-PAK, MOULD-TIP, MUJING under the same roof to exhibit innovative high performance, quick line changeover, flexible production and other food and beverage packaging equipment to help companies meet diversified demands in the market.

[Smart Packaging] [Smart Logistics] will have industry veterans together to focus on digital and information technology innovation across the supply chain under “Industry 4.0”. Matching the needs of different sectors simultaneously with each other generates varied application, precisely and efficiently igniting business development towards an intelligent and high-quality direction with visual and information-based elements.

[Product Identification Star Hall] The display of laser/inkjet coding and other marking equipment from SUNING, HUAZHI, MINGYU, SOJET, LINX, CPIS, LEAD TECH, QBCODE, etc will offer improved labeling solutions to optimize packaging operations, reduce waste and increase efficiency.

[Ready-prepared Food Packaging] Industry-leading companies Yi Long, Hualian, Youngsun, FanMing, Marchi, Omori Beijing will appear at the 2024 exhibition to showcase various solutions to unravel issues related to ready-prepared food packaging.

Innovation drives green development and deeply cultivates the ecological cornerstone of high-quality sustainable development

PACKINNO2024 [Plastic Packaging] zone will focus on the trend of “Innovation, Environmental Protection, Recyclability and Degradation”. Well-known exhibitors in the industry are invited such as Xintianli, HUSSEN, XINXIELI PACKAGING, MOULD-TIP, etc. to bringing their new plastic packaging materials, new technologies, and new processes for the audiences.

[Pulp Molding] will partner again with the packaging zone to launch a "paper-plastic packaging" that covers the entire industry chain from equipment to finished products once again. Long-standing companies such as Euroasia、KBD、GRAND ENVIRONMENT GROUP、Kaisno will be at the company of valuable business partners on the road to sustainable development.

[Premium Gift Box Packaging] The application of different materials will be subdivided. MINGFENG, JINGLI, XINXIELI PACKAGING, KBD, WINTECH and other companies will come on site to display lightweight, personalized and high-quality boutique gift boxes packaging.

[Innovative Packaging Material] will invite innovative companies such as RANPAK、JEA、BBCA、IPG、SHANGHAI ZHONGDA、BOSI、DONGGUAN HAILEREI to showcase new materials and technologies for sustainable packaging and new trends.

Thirty years of ups and downs has realized a brilliant Sino-Pack/PACKINNO and also set the framework for its bright future. In the years to come, the exhibition will continue to position itself as an effective hub for innovation, pragmatic solutions and business connections with the backbone of South China, in a way to support a thriving packaging industry. Let’s embrace a shining future together at Hall B of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou, China, from March 4th to 6th, 2024!


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