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Grand Opening of the South China International Exhibition on Packaging Industry in Guangzhou
Publish Date: 2024/03/06
On March 4, 2024, a grand industry event, the Sino-Pack China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials/PACKINNO China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (referred to as Sino-Pack), kicked off at Area B of the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex. Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2024, Sino-Pack has witnessed the industry’s dynamic growth and expansion and evolved into a comprehensive platform for cross-industry communication and trade. It bridges the entire packaging industry chain and caters to end-user applications, creating a unified and efficient ecosystem. With its diverse resources, Sino-Pack exerts a significant influence on the industry.

This year, the exhibition has reached a new record in terms of scale, concurrent with the PACKINNO, Printing South China and Sino-Label in 2024, forming a four-in-one physical show. It has gathered over 2,000 exhibitors and covers an exhibition area of up to 150,000 sq.m, making it a highly anticipated event in the industry. As a benchmark exhibition in the packaging industry, this edition of the Sino-Pack not only features various specialized exhibition zones but also plans over 20 forums, seminars, and new product launches. It provides deep industry insights and opportunities for communication and learning for visitors, allowing them to explore unlimited business prospects while promoting the packaging industry toward a brighter future together.

Sino-Pack has bought together many innovative forces to promote the high-quality development of the industry over the past 30 years

Sino-Pack held the "South China Exhibition 30th Anniversary Opening Ceremony" in the smart factory 4.0 demonstration area in Hall 2.1 at 9:30 am. The atmosphere was warm and extraordinary. Ms. Rita Chu, Vice Chairman of Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., explained at the opening ceremony how this year's Sino-Pack would keep up with industry trends and fully demonstrate the four characteristics of intelligence, digitalization, innovation, and sustainability. Ms. Rita Chu said that the Sino-Pack has gathered many innovative forces. This year, the "New Force of Specialized Packaging" was launched with more than a hundred specialized, unique and new companies bringing their new product releases and innovative packaging solutions that have attracted great attention from the industry. Sino-Pack also pays special attention to packaging design innovation to bring breakthroughs in market value for brands. Sino-Pack launched ["Beautiful China Series” – Packaging Innovation Brand Case Seminar] to explore how to cultivate the loyalty of the new generation of consumers to the brand. In addition, the exhibition focuses on sustainable development and green packaging and implements an all-round display. PACKINNO also showed new features this year that focus on sustainable, safe, fresh-keeping, sterile, functional and personalized products, leading the industry to develop towards green and higher levels.

The 30th anniversary opening ceremony invited representatives from the printing and packaging industry to conduct in-depth discussions on industry trends and hot topics. With the launch of the first demonstration of the smart factory, this printing and packaging event for the entire industry chain officially kicked off. On-site guests and media friends witnessed this historical moment.

"Intelligence, innovation and sustainability" are the core concepts of the different theme zones

Intelligent technology shines in food packaging and prepared food, and digital intelligent solutions become the event’s focus
In the food packaging and prepared food exhibition area, digital intelligent solutions became the focus. The debut of MARCHI's fully automatic vertical packaging machine linkage line, QINGDAO YILONG's advanced bag-feeding packaging equipment, full-line automation solutions and OMORI's prefabricated box packaging machine all demonstrate the innovative forces of packaging technology. These new products could help production companies with digital and intelligent transformation and solve many problems in the food packaging process.

[Liquid Packaging + Aseptic Canning]: full-process filling production solution
The liquid packaging exhibition area is also exciting, and the full-process filling production solutions are eye-catching. From bottle making to filling, capping, labeling, boxing, sealing and packaging, every step is full of the power of technology. TOM's tracking filling and capping machine and RIGAO's hose filling, sealing and carton production line demonstrate a new packaging trend that is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Industry leaders gathered in the [Smart Packaging] + [Smart Logistics] exhibition area
The [Smart Packaging] and [Smart Logistics] exhibition areas brought together many industry leaders, such as YOUNGSUN Collaborative Robots and BEKANNTER. They demonstrated the latest achievements in smart packaging and smart logistics on site, such as unmanned packaging, intelligent systems, etc., bringing the visitor a new perspective on smart packaging production in the Industry 4.0 era.

The rise of Sophisticated Packaging has become a highlightof the exhibition
Driven by the wave of domestic innovation, this year's Sino-Pack and PACKINNO jointly launched the [New Force of Specialized Packaging] zone with the Guangdong Packaging Technology Association. In this zone, small giant companies in the industry displayed unique innovations. They provide professional packaging solutions for the transformation and upgrading of the industry, such as ACEPACK, COLAMARK, TECHIK, HUALIAN, YOUNGSUN, SKYAT and TOM. There is also an expert forum to interpret the policy, which has become a highlight of the exhibition.

Made in China gives full play to its advantages, and Wenzhou Packaging Intelligent Manufacturing Joint Exhibition Area attracts much attention
As the innovation trend continues to advance, the Wenzhou Packaging Intelligent Manufacturing Joint Exhibition Area stands out in the exhibition. The joint exhibition area brings together industry leaders such as JINFU, JINGXIN, XIANG, RIGAO, LIQIANG, GUANGSEN, CHANGYUAN, DASEN, KEBG, etc. They work together to display food and beverage machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, cosmetic machinery, cutting-edge new products and technological achievements in intelligent packaging equipment. The exhibition area represents the advantages and strengths of Made in China and attracts attention.

"Beautiful China Series" - Packaging Innovation Brand Case Seminar was a full house
The exhibition pays special attention to the innovative forces of packaging design, recognizing the immense market value it brings to brands. To this end, the exhibition has joined forces with the Design Professional Committee of the Guangdong Packaging Technology Association to launch the highly anticipated ["Beautiful China Series" - Packaging Innovation Brand Case Seminar] and the event was very popular. The seminar shared classic cases of well-known national enterprises, deeply discussed how to cultivate brand loyalty, and discussed the deep emotions of the new generation of customers. It also looked forward to the future possibilities of native culture. The atmosphere was warm and full of imagination.

A large number of suppliers provide the most suitable packaging solutions and look for industry partners
As the packaging industry gradually moves towards sustainable development, sustainability has been deeply rooted in every exhibition corner. This year, PACKINNO has unprecedented new features, among which the [Plastic x Biodegradable Packaging Zone], [Pulp Molding] and [Innovative Packaging Materials] exhibition areas are particularly eye-catching. Many suppliers gathered to showcase various sustainable, safe, fresh-keeping, sterile, functional and personalized products. People in the industry stopped and looked for suitable partners to jointly promote the green transformation and sustainable development of the packaging industry.

The concurrent events were exciting and the on-site interactions were enthusiastic
A series of forums focused on prepared food and packaging innovation, big health brand design and packaging marketing, e-commerce sustainable packaging, packaging innovation, specialization, food and beverage, daily chemicals, cosmetics packaging, and other industry focuses were in full swing. The forum brings together experts, scholars and industry leaders in the packaging industry. They analyze industry hot spots and interpret industry problems from their unique perspectives, presenting participants with wonderful feasts of thought and collisions of inspiration. Many audience and guests actively participated in the interaction and jointly explored the future development direction of the industry.

Domestic and overseas associations and buyer groups’ visiting responses were overwhelming
On the first day of the exhibition, we welcomed buyer groups from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China; Taiwan Region, China; Russia, Colombia, South Korea, Colombia, the United Arab Emirates and other overseas countries or regions. At the same time, more than 100 domestic industry association groups and corporate groups came to visit. More professional buyers are expected to visit the show in the next two days.

To optimize the supply and demand docking process between buyers and suppliers and improve matching efficiency, Sino-Pack worked closely with the CPRJ ConnectME business matching platform and successfully collected nearly 100 sourcing needs of packaging technology before the exhibition. The "Sino-Pack X Plastic Network ConnectME Business Matchmaking Conference" covers a wide range of fields from different industries such as food, beverages, daily chemicals, 3C electronics, home appliances, to plastic products, film processing and others. The activities promote communication between buyers and sellers and integrate high-quality resources in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

More highlight areas…
This exhibition has countless highlights to explore, such as "food packaging", "comprehensive packaging", "liquid packaging and aseptic packaging", "intelligent packaging and smart logistics", "product identification" and " Packaging Products and Materials", etc. The simultaneous printing and labeling exhibition is even more powerful, allowing you to appreciate the entire industry chain of the printing and packaging industry from one stop and multiple angles. Let us celebrate the 30th anniversary of the PFP Expo together and wish all exhibitors and visitors to achieve fruitful results here and return home with great success.


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