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Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik Group was founded in 1961 by Walter Herrmann in Germany. Thomas Herrmann set up subsidiaries in North America in year 1991, made international development steps. Since then invested and established wholly owned company in China and Japan. Herrmann Ultrasonics (Taicang) Co., Ltd was founded in year 2010, which was located at Taicang Economic Development Zone of Suzhou now. Herrmann has been recognized as a technology leader and innovation representative in ultrasonic welding worlds after over 60 years of development. Through pioneering technical inventions and great management system, Herrmann Group has achieved continuous growth and development in the plastics application, packaging, nonwoven fabric, metal welding and other industries. And always adheres to the business philosophy of creating value with high efficiency for customers. Products - Examples: PACKAGING Division: Capsule module, Top seal module, Cross seal module, Longitudinal seal module
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The top seal module from Herrmann brings together the experiences from more than 1,000 top-seal sealing stations on the market. With its modular design, it is configurable for a variety of packaging machine types. The PACKLINE modules from Herrmann achieve strong and hermetic sealing. Burns caused to the packaging material during machine downtimes are safely prevented. The top seal module is optimally suited for integration in new machinery or as retrofit for existing machine designs. If the tools are designed with protection class IP65/67, the top seal module is also suitable for use in wet environments with advanced cleaning capability requirements.

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