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Fullink has developed intelligent sorting system, flexible conveyor, automatic case packing machine, rail guided vehicle (RGV), automated guided vehicle (AGV), robot stacking system, automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), stacker, continuous and reciprocating lifter, scanning weighting, rejecting system and other hardware equipment. We also build warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS), tracking system and other software. It has applied to many intelligent logistics system projects successfully. Our products are mainly applied to food, pharmaceutical, automobile, new energy, electronic appliance, daily use chemical products, packaging, injection molding, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Our clients include world top 500 companies, such as P&G, Nestle, Colgate and Heinz. Thus, we have expended business into global market. Our clients also include domestic companies such as tissues leading companies Vinda, C&S Paper, Asia Pulp & Paper.
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Fullink flexible conveyor system adopts eco-friendly material that is polution-free and meets the food and drug production hygiene requirements and GMP criterion. Flexible conveyor with a variety of specifications is suitable for different production workshops to achieve online buffer, climbing and vertical lifting. Its curving radius can be as small as 170mm, which can make a free turn in the range of 0-180 degrees. The system uses modular design and operates in high-speed with stability, less maintenance and low operation cost.


Automatic case packer is combined for packing and sealing that applies to cartons, glass bottles, and soft bags packing, etc. It can be equipped with visual packing, inspection, online automatic weighing, labeling, spraying code, scanning and eliminating to achieve post-packaging automation.

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Fullink Automatic Guided Vehicle is applicable to intelligent manufacturing, logistics and handling carrying in factory. Millimeter scale positioning accuracy: QR code or laser navigation Multistage safety protection: safety laser, ultrasonic, touch sensor, etc. Intelligent power management: set multistage power threshold, self-charging below the threshold, 724 hours operation Wireless network communication: WIFI network communication, barrier-free operation in the network coverage area

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