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Founded in 2001, YCTD has focused on the liquid food industry in 22 years, providing 80000-72000 bottles/hour packaging solutions for food and beverage, packaged drinking water, alcohol, dairy products, condiments and other industries; The products include: film package, paper package, palletizing and intelligent conveying system. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, providing equipment or services to more than 6000 Chinese and foreign beverage enterprises around the world. YCTD "is more than easy to use".
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1. High efficiency: 6-Pack, speed 150 packs / min. 2. Good effect: double independent channels and separator technology are adopted to ensure good shrinkage effect. 3. Small loss of packaging materials and low cost. 30-50um PE film can be used for small packaging. 4. System stability: the famous European full servo motion control system is adopted to ensure the stable and accurate operation of the system. 5. The whole column is smooth: "Wei vibration" bottle separation structure to ensure that PET bottles do not squeeze or pour bottles.


1. High efficiency: packing speed: 60 cases / min. 2. The cardboard bin has large capacity and is easy to operate: the cardboard conveying length is 1.5m, and up to 500 cardboard can be placed. The cardboard bin is designed according to ergonomics, and workers can add cardboard at a comfortable height. 3. System stability: the French Schneider servo control system is adopted to ensure the stable and accurate operation of the system. 4. The whole train is smooth: yctd "Weizhen" bottle splitting structure.


1.High speed palletizing solution adopts servo motor drive, double lifting unit, coordinate axis motion control, stable and reliable, precise action. 2. Low level palletizing, advanced layer by layer palletizing design concept in the industry, more advanced structure, lighter and stable action and less power consumption. 3.With servo control and frequency conversion speed regulation, carton conveying, sorting, stacking, pallet unloading and solid stacking output can be realized automatically.

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