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Shanghai Shigan industrial Co.,ltd is a high tech intergrated enterprise with science and technology,professing and sales.We are specialized in Checkweigher for years in this field.providing customers cost effective Checkweigher,Multi-grades weight sorting scale and related auxiliary equipment by excellent design,perfect process control,stable and reliable detection methods. Stable and reliable quality,several series had already exceeded the similar imported products,export all over the world,and they are loved and praised by customers and distributors in the Market.
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The SG-100 is a mechanical device for small products. Large screen and high precision are its characteristics. The accuracy can be up to ± 0.03-0.05g, and the fastest speed can be 300 pieces / minute. It is mainly suitable for small-package products such as pharmaceutical industry, health care products and cosmetics, and is suitable for customers with high requirements.


The SG-150 is the most widely used model in the current market, the accuracy can be 0.1g, the stability is 100 tests with zero error. Our scale body uses special shock-absorbing and shock-proof materials. The structure of the scale body is designed by mechanical principle. It is better combined with system optimization. We promise to test the maximum accuracy of 100 groups instead of 3 sigma precision. 3 sigma accuracy is only the international standard difference, just the theoretical value. The accuracy value of the actual test 100 times will definitely be greater than the 3 sigma precision value, and the normal is more than 3 times.


Applicable to the unqualified detection of net content of household chemicals, the detection of missing parts such as boxed, boxed and bagged, and the detection of missing parts in the whole box. For example, our roller only allow ±5 wire errors. The machine has dynamic balancing, it has a design to prevent deviation and can be adjusted. All our equipments are hand-wire drawing.

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