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Founded in 2007, the "Guangdong tiantianqi intelligent packaging equipment Co., Ltd." specializes in producing automatic packaging machine, seal box machine, automatic bag shrink machine, packer, manipulator (packing, palletizing), winding machine and other packaging machinery.
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The 4-axis and 6-axis palletizing, handling and packing application robot provides 3kg to 450kg product series, long arm exhibition, standard intelligent palletizing software package, automatic generation of palletizing program, carrying all kinds of special grabs, providing palletizing, handling and packing application solutions for bags, boxes, bottles and barrels, making the palletizing of production line more flexible and efficient.


This automatic unpacking machine tj-k40 can improve work efficiency, save staff for you and bring more economic benefits! According to the needs of customers, the machine color suitable for the corresponding production line can be configured. The vertical storage paperboard mode can be adopted, and the carton board can be replenished at any time. There is no need to stop the machine, more time and more packaging. The structural design of this unpacking machine: complete the carton suction, unpacking, forming, folding, back sealing and other packaging processes at one time. It is suitable for automatic unpacking and back sealing of cartons of various sizes. If you need to change the specifications of cartons, you can adjust them manually. It takes 1-2 minutes;


It is economical, fast, easy to operate and easy to maintain. It can adjust cartons of different sizes at will. The sealing is smooth, standard and beautiful. At the same time, it can complete the sealing action of four sides. The corner sealing machine is usually used together with the straight sealing machine to complete the work by changing the angle Letter seal or h-seal. Therefore, some people call it I-type sealing machine. The design of corner sealing machine is simple to operate, economical and durable, safe and with the lowest failure rate; the sealing machine is beautiful, fast, labor-saving and high efficiency.

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