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Dongguan Global Eco Tech Co., Ltd. is located in the eastern area of Dongguan. The company is dedicated into the production researching ,developing and sales of biodegradable materials and biodegradable straw composites, professional to provide compostable biodegradable modified CCBM series materials,
Our modified CCBM series material has good mechanical physic performance, which is suitable for injection molding, extrusion, film blowing, wire drawing, hollow blowing molding and other molding processes.
Our PBAT, PBS and PLA biodegradable products such as film bags, film rolling, tableware surface membrane-covering, barrier film, composite packaging film, sanitary napkin film and etc have been certified by DIN CERTCO of Germany, obtained European EN13432 American ASTM D 6400 industrial compost degradation certification and OK compost HOME family compost degradation certification; and we passed ROHS, REACH, FDA, California proposition 65 and other safe use testing standards in SGS institutions. We can offer technical support for plastic terminal manufacturers and we can provide various products to our consumers.
Our products are widely sold in more than 30 countries in Europe, the United States, and Asia.
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