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IKD Coderevo basic model has integrated features, which can hardly be found in any other device of its price segment. Beside the easy and modern operation, which we optimized for the standard applications of coding single products, we have equipped the system with a minimized inksystem, which is perfectly tuned to our quality inks. Of course the system includes a network connection through which production statistics and status visualization in realtime are made available in the company's intranet.
IKD CodeCube is our standard model with wide applicability.comprises.A large 7 inch touch display. Through the intuitive symbol based user interface creation and editing of print texts is an easy task to do. The CodeCube XL offers you highest quality, reliable standard coding at minimum price without with no compromises in regards to operational safety and user friendliness.
IKD CodeCreator has the most advanced features. The simple 4-door maintenance concept and built-in solvent recovery system are environmentally friendly with low emissions and minimum solvent consumption standards. It also has an easy-to-use user interface and a high-end ink system. It can be equipped with 2 agitator systems. When in standby, the ink maintenance program is started every hour for easy sedimentation and high contrast ink operation and the use of pigment ink.

Company Profile

IKD-INKJET INC .,(UCG Group)is a German manufacturer of Inkdustry inkjet printers and is responsible for sales in the Asia-Pacific region. Responsible for the entire Asia Pacific market. It specializes in selling a series of high-quality professional inkjet printers imported from Germany. Our company can provide customized software and system integration solutions from printers to accessories and inks.
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