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Pre-Register For Sino-Pack Get Logistics Packaging Strategy
Publish Date: 2020/12/30
With the rapid development of the Internet, logistics packaging for e-commerce is playing an increasingly important role. In the process of transportation, goods will always encounter many tests. Anti-breakage and good appearance have become the necessary requirements for logistics packaging in the new era.

The 27th China International Exhibition on Packaging Machinery & Materials (Sino-Pack2021) cum 2021 China (Guangzhou) International Exhibition on Packaging Products (PACKINNO2021) will be held on March 4-6, 2021 at Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China, in order to meet the needs of e-commerce and logistics enterprises for goods’ protection.

Express items protection depends on packaging materials

As the public's awareness of environmental protection has increased, the development of cushioning packaging materials has gradually developed in the direction of lightweight, recyclable, and degradable. Paper cushioning material is still the main cushioning packaging material due to its advantages of high recovery rate, low cost, and mature technology. Plant fiber foam cushioning material has good cushioning properties, wide sources of raw materials, self-degradability, and has great development prospects and market space. Air cushion cushioning materials have also been widely used in China.

Sino-Pack/ PACKINNO 2021’s partial star exhibitors:

Air column bag

GuangZhou PaiWang Packaging Products Co., Ltd(Booth: 5.2J03)

An air column bag gives you no more worries.

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PE+PA 9 Layer Cast Film Coextrusion is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material, unique, super load-bearing, no deformation, strong toughness, and good cushioning effect.
Independent air column design, strong airtightness, one column is damaged, other columns are still intact, effectively preventing product damage during logistics and transportation.
Small size, ready to use and charge, saving storage space cost. The size can be customized and is suitable for many products.

Shenzhen Dinglisheng Technology Co.,Ltd(Booth: 5.2A01)

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The unique airbag design can be inflated with the inflator by itself, which perfectly solves the shortcomings of the low transportation capacity of air cushion packaging materials and large storage space. PE and nylon co-extruded materials have a long air retention time and provide all-round cushioning protection for fragile items during the long transportation time. The remaining packaging film can be easily recycled by releasing natural air, making it the most effective green packaging solution in the 21st century.

Shenzhen Shiner Packaging Co.,Ltd(Booth: 5.2D07)

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Buffer protection packaging scheme for fragile products provides solid protective effect, an automatic airlock for inflation, and independent air column.

Courier bags and bubble bags

Dongguan Taihong Packaging Co.,Ltd(Booth: 5.2K19)

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Courier bags and bubble bags are widely dispersed in various industries such as logistics, express delivery, e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce, with various printing colors, excellent tensile strength, and excellent waterproof performance.

Gourd film

Dongguan Chuyuanhui Packing Material Co. Ltd (Booth: 5.2E25)

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The inflatable gourd film is made of new environmentally friendly PE material, which has a lower density than traditional bubble film, saves eco-friendly materials, and is suitable for protecting commodities in different industries. The bubble of the gourd film can withstand 50KG gravity squeeze. It is small volume before inflating, high efficiency cushioning elasticity, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, no cutting, high thickness, very suitable for wrapping and filling, and can be printed with logos. The gourd film produced by the company has passed the SGS international authoritative environmental protection inspection.

Single bubble film, gourd bubble, air column bag , inflator

Guangdong Willing Technology Corporation (Booth: 5.2C27)

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Buffer packaging includes a single bubble film, gourd bubble, air pad, air column bag, air column, inflator, air column machine, plastic machine, vacuum preservation machine, vacuum preservation film.

Plastic bags

Hangzhou Hansin New Packing Material Co., Ltd (Booth: 5.2G13)

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The company's main products include aseptic bags, ton bags, bags in boxes, and nylon composite bags, which are widely used in the packaging of fluid materials in the food industry and the storage and packaging of non-hazardous fluid materials in the fine chemical industry.

Aseptic bags

Tianjin Yutian Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (Booth: 5.2G03)

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The company specializes in producing a full range of aseptic bags (BIB bags, 220lt bags, tonnage bags). It provides packaging for liquid products such as tomato sauce, apple concentrate, tropical juice, tea concentrate and milk, and high-temperature cooking bags and odor-free bags for drinking water. With the high-quality VMPET film and thermal composite film, its aseptic bags have the obvious advantages of lower oxygen permeability than national standards, resistance to rubbing, and better mechanical properties of the membrane.

Pre-register and join industry elites in the annual event in March

Sino-Pack/PACKINNO2021 will be held concurrently with Printing South China and Sino-Label, with an exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and an expected number of exhibitors to reach 1,600. This 4-In-1 exhibition has been rooted in South China for 27 years. It will continually create a printing, packaging, labeling, and packaging materials hub with practical machinery, innovative technology and solution, and sustainable materials. Pre-Registration is now open, do not miss the annual event. See you on 4-6 March, 2021 in Guangzhou.

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