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Take the lead in adopting the latest horizontal steam shrinkage technology, with high heat shrinkage efficiency. For different and irregular round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles and other bottle shapes, the adjustment is simple. The whole machine has double-layer structure, which can reduce heat loss. It adopts waterproof design and is made of stainless steel 304. It is equipped with thermometer and pressure gauge. The steam pressure and shrinkage temperature are clear at a glance. It is easy to start and operate. It has built-in quick card steam generator, multi gear selection, power saving, steam waste heat recovery, condensate recovery and anti slip mesh belt.
The output per hour is 3000-3600 bottles, the material contact parts are made of stainless steel SUS316L, and the rotary valve, piston and filling nozzle are made of zirconia ceramic without sealing ring. Photoelectric control is adopted for rapid and accurate automatic quantitative filling; LS motion controller and HMI man-machine operation interface are adopted for one key call of parameters in the operation interface, without manual adjustment of mechanical position. Using LS servo system, high filling precision and accurate positioning
The production capacity is 3000-3600 bottles per hour, with four-wheel double servo capping structure, photoelectric control, fast and accurate automatic capping; LS motion controller and HMI man-machine interface are adopted, and parameters can be called by one key in the operation interface, without manual adjustment of mechanical position. Ls servo system is adopted, the screw force is controlled stably and the positioning is accurate.

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The company's production plant covers an area of 4000 square meters, is a focus on the development, design, manufacturing, sales of heat shrinkable, steam shrinkable, servo filling, servo capping and the whole line of automation. Adhere to the quality first, is our purpose, to meet customer requirements is our constant commitment.
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