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新型X射线异物检测系统RAYCON D+
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新型X射线异物检测系统RAYCON D+,特别适用于安全要求极高的食品行业,更能有效检测含金属包装的产品。同时,能满足超常的检测需求,极大提高了软异物的检测性能。卓越的辐射保护功能,为操作人员撑起“保护伞”。
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自由落体管道式金属检测分离器RAPID 5000
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自由落体管道式金属检测分离器RAPID 5000,特别适用于粉料和精细散料等的检测与异物剔除,易于安装在客户现有管道系统中,同时“快排阀”的设计确保好料损失最小化。

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Sesotec is one of the leading specialists in contaminant detection and materials sorting. Since 1976, we have been engineering and building high-tech systems for a wide range of needs in close cooperation with our customers all over the world. Product sales primarily focus on the food, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber and tyres, and recycling industries. Sesotec is headquartered in Germany, and has a global footprint, which includes a total of seven subsidiaries in China, Singapore, the US, Italy, India, Canada and Thailand, as well as more than 60 partners in all key markets around the world. 2006 entered China, headquartered in Shanghai and set up representative offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Chengdu. The first-class sales team and skilled after sales service engineers make sure to find the optimal solution for the customers.
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